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You will learn how to produce etchings of photographs, drawings or other suitable images onto polymer solar plates, which are then inked by hand and printed through a traditional etching press onto fine art papers.


From a master printing plate, you will be able to create multiple prints of your work using classic oil-based etching inks on quality art paper. Each hand-pulled print is a unique, tangible object with depth and a beautiful textural feeld, which in the age of mass digital printing is very special thing.


I now teach plate-making using a single exposure method  known as

direct-to-plate (DTP). Thisis a relatively new and not widely taught approach that eliminates the need of a vacuum frame, transparency films, stochiastic screens, double exposures, talcum powders, antistatic brushes and the potential problems associated with their use, including contact and pressure issues and trapped humidity.


You can learn the whole process, from beginning to end. Alternatively, I can make the plates for you, so you can concentrate on the inking, wiping and printing.


Participants with any level of experience are welcome, as each person can learn, practise and proceed at their own pace.

Learn the craft of direct-to-plate (DTP) photogravure

using non-toxic materials & a calibrated workflow

The courses are held at Casa da Cabaza, a farmhouse B&B and creative workshop centre located on the shores of a countryside lake in rural Galicia, northwestern Spain.

It is a beautiful location that provides a creative and peaceful environment. By getting away away from daily routines, you will be able to focus completely on printing your art work without distractions.


who with

My professional background is as a photographic artist, printmaker and a commercial photographer with over 20 years experience of working in London, Stockholm and Dubai.


I now live in Galicia, Spain and focus solely on art photography and printmaking projects and workshops.


what is involved

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To see some examples of my photographic work, please visit

Tariq Dajani Photography.

what workshop participants have said

“Thank you for your exceptionally well planned workshop, super smooth workflow, generous sharing of knowledge and patience. The whole workshop and stay at Casa da Cabaza was a unique experience. Cannot be recommended highly enough!”


“I am so grateful for the quality of the instruction, plus the exquisite experience of staying at the heaven of a place at Casa da Cabaza


“The workshop was really great and I had a wonderful time at your beautiful place in Galicia

“Thank you thank you thank you. Spain was just extraordinary and feels like a huge leap forward


“It was great to be back and I enjoyed it very much... A huge amount was achieved, thank you for all your help, technical advice and hard work


Thank you for your patience and your skill as a teacher. It was a privilege to be with such an expert and to experience your passion for what you do. It is a marvellous place to be; the energy is calm and it allows for space to think and to wonder